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In today’s volatile economy, there is little room for inaccuracies. With so many interfaces to circumvent and compliances to adhere to, the level of complexity in communications has amplified. Henceforth, a need arises to blend all our communications, tools and interfaces into a single band, which simplifies the way we share information and enhances our communiqué with the customers and business partners.

For small businesses, it is a challenge to acquire information and resources that would help them provide services across all verticals. 10BASE2’s Unified Communication Services help in faster acquisition of information and delivering a superior quality of service at cost-effective budgets. Our solutions enable the small businesses to expand their markets, grab new business opportunities, increase capabilities of wired and wireless devices, and grow into high-performance, profit-driven businesses. Moreover, with the implementation of Unified Communications, companies can save resources and use their business tools in a more proactive manner.

The features of10BASE2 Unified Communications Services:

  • On tap connectivity available between your PBX and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
  • Extend the PBX functionality to mobile devices
  • The number of calls for a trunk group can be restricted through PBX, thus saving on cost.
  • OpenScape UC Applications and packages for Call Center and Conferencing
  • Custom UC business solutions like including Cisco IP telephony applications
  • Embedded IT Applications like Microsoft Outlook/OCS, Google Apps and other advanced apps
  • OpenScape developer program that helps creating more complex and high-output applications
  • Unified Computing Migration Service for smooth migration of applications.
  • Integrated Video Telephony and Video Business Services
  • Virtualization of the server
  • Integration with Business Mobiles
  • Unified Computing Architecture Assessment Service for the more efficient use of computing technology

Benefits of tb2’s Unified Communication Services

  • Increased productivity due to improved customer service that leads to faster and more efficient collaboration
  • Ability to integrate collaboration and networks across applications and business functions
  • Over the years, the Unified Communication service has become more economical and thus accessible to small and medium sized businesses as well
  • Tb2 allows you to integrate Unified Communication tools with many types of devices like PBX, mobiles etc and also with business models like CRM.
  • The carrier-grade network ensures that there are no disruptions caused due to network outages or weak signals.
  • It is easier to interact, form a cohesive workforce and even virtual workgroups.
  • Tb2 also makes sure that upgrading your Unified Communication solutions is easy and affordable.

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